Cisco chief exec John Chambers expects corporate IT spending to bounce back within a matter of months.

He told reporters at a press conference in San Jose, California: "In the next two to four months, companies' spending on IT products will recover. In two to six quarters, that will translate into a recovery in investments by Internet and telecom providers.''

This confidence was based on recent conversations with top economists and the heads of Spanish telecoms company Telefonica, airplane manufacturers BA and Boeing and finance house Citigroup.

He also announced that Cisco was looking to take over more companies, continuing its traditional business approach. "We are going aggressively on the takeover trail. But we will now do fewer, more-focused takeovers,'' he said.

What is all the more incredible about this optimism and straight-talking from the head of Cisco however is that it seems only one reporter at the press conference was actually listening to him - business reporter Bert Van Dygk from Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad.

It is the only paper in the world to have even mentioned the comments, sparking Reuters and hence many other news sites to take the unusual step of specifying which newspaper the comments came from. This is mostly as they can't get away with stealing the information since it is exclusive. But it is also in order to distance themselves from the remarks that, incredibly, haven't been reported by anyone else at the press conference.

Mr Van Dygk doesn't understand it either. Speaking on his mobile, he told us: "I don't know why no one else has reported it. That's just what he said." He tries to come up with an explanation: "He was talking about business spend in IT and not just about Cisco."

Nevertheless, the world exclusive garnered from a press conference has pushed Cisco's share price up five cents today.