Brent Council has deployed a number of Xirrus’ wireless access points across its headquarters, leisure and care centres.

The council selected Xirrus to deploy 70 Xirrus wireless arrays across eight floors of the council’s new headquarters, which includes its library and care facilities.

The installation was completed in less than three weeks and has already had an impact on the council’s internal and external operations.

The council is reported to have selected Xirrus due to its unique multi-radio array architecture, which requires significantly fewer access points to provide robust, high quality coverage and excellent Wi-Fi throughput across large spaces.

Brent Council CIO Stephan Conaway said: “In choosing a wireless provider, it was crucial for us to be able to demonstrate cost efficiencies and minimal disruption to council operations. Competitors quoted us between 240 – 300 access points, whereas with Xirrus we were able to deploy 70, which had obvious cost-benefits as fewer Arrays meant considerably less cabling, switch ports and energy usage.

“Flexibility was another differentiator as was future-proofing our investment. This is an important factor as we approach the standardisation of 802.11ac in 2014 since we can easily add or swap 802.11ac modules into the existing Xirrus modular Array chassis.”

Following the introduction of the access points, the council is said to have noticed improvements in employee productivity and delivered cost savings through streamlining internal processes. In addition, staff are now able to access documents and resources at anytime from their mobile devices, while visitors and members of the public are able to use the free Wi-Fi when using council facilities in the library and care centre.

Brent Council required a network that could support up to 1,400 staff and 400 visitors on a daily basis and over 2,000 connections on particularly busy days.

The council said it has enabled work email on each member of staff’s mobile phone, along with a range of productivity applications.

“We believe that Wi-Fi is mission critical to council operations, helping us provide high-quality services to members of the public as well as creating a productive working environment for our staff. We were very impressed with Xirrus’ approach to the whole project, from the initial consultancy to the final delivery and are looking to introduce additional Xirrus access points and arrays in the coming months,” Conaway added.

Xirrus has also seen its networking technology installed at Liverpool Football Club's (LFC) Anfield Stadium and at the prestigous Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey.