Availl is adding continuous data protection to its wide area file system product. Continuous data protection (CDP) backups all changes to a file as the happen ensuring that no data is lost as may happen between backup sessions with existing backup software.

Wide area file system (WAFS) products supply file data to branch offices across wide area network (WAN) links. Products use network optimisation techniques and file compression to approximate LAN speed file access.

Availl's new CDP software consolidates real-time server backup for both hot databases and unstructured files into one unified architecture and one central disk vault. It provides an any-instant-in-time retrieval capability, versus intermittent point-in-time such as Microsoft's DPM product offers.

The ability to cover both unstructured files and database is unique, according to an Availl spokesperson: "Other vendors just do one or the other."

The CDP product uses core technology from the WAFS product. This disk mirroring means that users can restore data at disk speed rather than much slower tape. Also all files are fully mirrored at each local server as they change anywhere in the WAN. Web applications can be mirrored between servers, no matter how fast the data changes.

The WAFS product offers real-time file locking so that only one user across the WAN can alter the contents of a file at a time.

Availl sells either the combined product or CDP and WAFS separately, both available now. Availl WAFS for CAD and other file access is priced starting at $3,995 (c£2,350) for the first two servers. Availl Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is priced from $995 (c£600 ) per server.