Blue Coat has added client-side software to its security and acceleration suite.

The result is that application can be accelerated and security features pushed to all point on a network, even those used by remote, mobile and teleworking employees.

The SG Client comes in two editions: persistent software that gets installed on end-user laptops and desktops; and on-demand software, which involves downloaded a small bit of code to client machines when they log-on to a company's network. Blue Coat offers a variety of modules to cover security, access, filtering, acceleration and monitoring.

SG Client integrates with Blue Coat's MACH5 (Multiprotocol Accelerated Caching Hierarchy) acceleration technology which adds bandwidth management, protocol optimisation, object caching, byte caching and compression technologies to the Blue Coat operating system.

When used as a proxy appliance, Blue Coat gets positioned between users on a network and the Internet and serves as a central point of control over employee Internet use. The proxy appliance can apply policy-based controls to Web traffic.

Adding client-side acceleration will enable IT staff to give remote and travelling users the acceleration capabilities they would get if they logged in via a branch office, Blue Coat said. The software acts as a peer to such appliances and communicates to a management console in the data centre that can monitor both distributed appliances and software.

The software will compete with existing products from Intelligent Compression Technologies (ICT) and Stampede Technologies. Expand Networks will release a similar product next year.

Blue Coat SG Client will be available early next year. Pricing has not been finalised, but company officials have suggested $100 per end-user machine. For new customers, appliances start at about $2,000 and pricing scales depending on the network.