Broadband provider Be is halving the price of its top-end, business-oriented ADSL package as from today.

Bought by O2 in June last year, Be's Office package will now be known as Be Pro, and costs £34.04 excluding VAT for existing customers. Be Pro, which includes 24Mbit/sec downstream and 2.5Mbit/sec upstream, previously cost £75 monthly exclusive of VAT.

However, Be is now quoting the package price including tax - it comes to a round £40 - because, said a spokesperson, the ISP wanted to target power users as well as business users. Be said that power users might want to take advantage of added features such as improved compensation after disconnection and a static IP address, both of which also offer clear benefits to businesses.

Be said it covers some one-third of the UK but is expanding fast, and plans to reach 50 per cent by the autumn of 2007.

The company is one of a small but growing number of ISPs taking advantage of the ability to unbundle the local loop from the control of BT.