BakBone Software has released a new version of its NetVault FastRecover data backup product. Version 4 of NetVault will include wide area replication as well as backup, speeding up recovery and reducing network overhead.
The new version makes use of the same fast recovery technology as previous versions of the product where ‘shell files' are created at the start of the recovery process, allowing users to carry on using applications while the recovery process is going on.

According to Andrew Brewerton, technical director at BakBone software, by integrating replication technology into FastRecover, users will be able to recover files within the data centre or from remote site to data centre.

He said that because of the way that BakBone recovers data, companies will no longer have peaks of data, something that could, theoretically reduce the bandwidth requirement.

Brewerton added that the NetVault approach would benefit even those rely on clustered computer. "Clusters help in the case of physical failure but we can recover files after logical failure too. Even if you have database corruption you can move back to one second before the corruption occurs, and while you may not be able to pinpoint the exact spot where the problem was and you have to take an educated guess - but even if you get it wrong you've just wasted a minute," he said.

Implementation of the product requires no changes to the network topology said Brewerton. "It's removed the need to run backup changes between midnight and 4.00: we have customers who capture the changes throughout the day. It also means that an organisation doesn't have to use bandwidth to cope with large amounts of throughput. If you're backing up 100Gig in a three-hour period, you need a big pipe but If you analyse that data, you might you're sending 10 percent at any one time, and with FastRecover, you're talking about another 10 percent reduction, so you can use much thinner pipes," Brewerton said.

The cost of downtime can be expensive to an organisation. According to research from The Mazerov Group, Businesses with IT budgets over $50,000 lose over $200,000 per data outage. One of the key elements of NetVault is speed of recovery, said Brewerton. "With FastRecover, we're talking about 20 seconds," he said.
He also claimed that the product was attractively priced. "In starts at £5000 for protecting first two servers the costs around £1200 to £1500 per server. We've tried to introduce it so it's within reach of the lower end of the market and scale up to the enterprise."

Derek Kruger, IT supervisor, City of Safford said "When we had to recover our entire financial database, FastRecover got us back up and running in no time. It fully recovered the SQL database and data to the exact point in time prior to the upgrade that went awry. FastRecover has also helped us eliminate backup windows and complete IT projects during business hours, instead of evenings and weekends."