Adaptec's new network-attached storage allows desktops and laptops on a LAN to be backed up. The new File Saver ESA1500 requires a small piece of client software installed on it, which then triggers the backup process, the company's EMEA VP Russ Johnson told us.

When first connected, the desktop's default client software setting initiates a full backup of the desktop's hard drive. Subsequent backups are incremental and the time period between them can be defined. The client software in notebook computers will monitor when the notebook is connected to the LAN and initiate backups. The backup software being used is bought-in by Adaptec and not developed in-house.

The ESA1500 has a 1TB capacity with RAID 5 protection and installs "as easily as a printer". Up to four appliances can be linked, with three of them at RAID 5 and one being a hot standby, in what Adaptec terms a RAIN (redundant array of independent nodes) configuration. Johnson said you can also have two file savers mirror each other over a WAN or other link.

The RAIN protection does not involve the use of technology from Elipsan. Adaptec bought Elipsan in Januuary this year.

The Strategic Resource Corporation has estimated that up to 60 per cent of a business' data is stored in desktop systems. If users had this data backed up, and could easily retrieve lost or deleted e-mails and documents, then their productivity would be enhanced.

The ESA1500 costs £3,499, excluding VAT, with a 25-user license. Each extra group of 25 users costs £399 without VAT.