Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Cloud vLab, one of its APN technology partners, in a bid to help developers get to grips with its notoriously complex cloud services platform through a series of self-paced online training labs.

AWS has offered instructor-led classes for a while now but the new labs are meant to help developers “test products, acquire new skills, and gain practical experience working with AWS technologies.”

The majority of the Cloud vLab training occurs in a live AWS environment and the developers use the console “in a variety of pre-designed scenarios and common use cases” in order to get hands-on training.

AWS currently has step-by-step tutorials for four basic products, including, EC2, Elastic Block Store, Load Balancing and Auto Scaling. It also has six more advanced lessons on topics such as how to create your first Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and using Amazon RDS for applications. There are also three further lessons on how to implement AWS.

The training is delivered through Cloud vLab’s online software training platform,, which officially launched yesterday.

Developers must buy a $29.99 token in order to take one of the tutorials that have been designed by AWS subject matter experts. The tokens are valid for a limited amount of time so the session has to be completed in one go.