Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a support feature that aims to make it easier for developers to track visitor traffic to their apps when an IP address is served and connected through the AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).

The cloud service giant added support for Proxy Protocol Version 1, which is used to safely transmit data over TCP without it getting lost on the way.

AWS said that client connection information, such as IP address and port, often get lost when requests are proxied through ELB, which is used to distribute traffic across AWS clusters. This is because the load balancer sends requests to the server on behalf of the client, making it seem like the load balancer is the requesting client.

AWS said the new Proxy Protocol will allow AWS customers to track the original IP address, allowing developers to gather connection statistics, analyse traffic logs, or manage white list of IPs that they wouldn’t usually be able to access.

Lesley Mbogo is a Senior Product Manager on the Elastic Load Balancing team said: “The advantage of Proxy Protocol is that it can be used with any protocol layer above TCP, since it has no knowledge of the higher-level protocol that is used on top of the connection.

“Proxy Protocol is useful when you are serving non-HTTP traffic. Alternatively, you can use it if you are sending HTTPS requests and do not want to terminate the SSL connection on the load balancer.”

The AWS blog post contains more information about have developers can use the new service.

AWS has added several other features in recent weeks, including the SDK support for Windows app developers and the AWS tutorials beingdelivered by Cloud vLBab.