E-mail archiving and management vendor ArcMail has released a version of its network appliance that provides 12 TB of storage.

The Defender U3120 provides archiving and data management and supports any email system that includes an SMTP-based journal capability such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

The U3120 features a web-based interface where users can search and retrieve email. The archiving system is also available through Outlook, where users can search for e-mails and restore them to an inbox.

An administrative interface supports monitoring and reporting capabilities.

The U3120, which support 4 GB of memory, is deployed behind an e-mail server. An organisation's email delivery system, including anti-virus and anti-spam, is not altered. Instead, the journal feature of the email server sends a copy of every ingoing or outgoing mail to the archiving system, which indexes the email header and text information.

"A couple of years ago the drivers for this were compliance and legal, but the real issue now is email management," says Ray Bingham, CEO of ArcMail. "E-mail has become the transport for information." Bingham says knowledge management, storage management, business continuity and employee productivity also factor into archiving needs.

The ArcMail appliance runs a Linux operating system and integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory. The appliance combines archive. data compression and storage; features RAID fault tolerance with hot swap drives; redundant power supply, battery backup, data encryption and import/export capabilities.

The system can archive more than 100,000 emails daily.

The U3120 is available now and and costs $34,999.in the US.