German firm Archiware has added data encryption and continuous data protection to a major new version of its enterprise backup, archiving and synchronisation system.

PresStore 3 is a cross platform backup, archiving and synchronisation tool for Windows, OS X, and Linux. This new version offers end-to-end encryption to protect data, right from the hard disk to tape, including transmission across the transportation link. This is an especially important feature if an organisation's data is backed up on hosted servers located off-site, and greatly reduces the chances of unauthorised access to sensitive data.

PresStore 3 also continuously backups data for Mac OS X and Windows. It can immediately identify newly created or modified files, and directly synchronise them to a target system or folder.

Speaking to Techworld, Archiware CEO Josef Doods said that the new version has undergone a reworking of its user interface, in order improve the ease of use of the system. Job scheduling has been enhanced to be flexible enough to cater for most individual schedules, and include a range of alerts. An automatic client update facility has also been added, to automatically rollout updates to both servers and client workstations.

Other additions for the new version includes a flexible licensing policy, linked file management for Synchronise (which is important for maintaining working hyperlinks to other files for example), as well as consistent backup of open files in Windows. PresStore has also been extended to support Novell Storage Services for Linux.

In the past PresStore has specialised in niche sectors after making its name in the publishing industry, which traditionally uses a combination of PCs and Macs. But the company is now expanding into other segments including the education market among others, where there is an increasing mix of Apple and PC-based products.

"But being cross platform is not our only strength," said Doods, although he recognises that the Mac sector tends to be overlooked by big name backup players such as Symantec's Veritas. "We can compete on both performance and price as well, no matter what platform the customer operates on."

"Indeed, our competition is sometimes two or three times more expensive than PresStore," he added.

PresStore 3 is distributed in the UK by JPY. Prices start at £500 for an entry level bundle and increase to £3,000 for a more high-end package.