Thank Frank it's Friday. But before you head off for some much needed rest, here's what's happening in the storage world and where you can get the latest in ridiculous USB keys. What more could you ask for?

Apple upgrades Raid
Apple has increased its Xserve Raid storage array up to an impressive 5.6TB. It will interoperate with Cisco FC switches and Suse Linux, as well as with its own Xsan SAN system. The array comprises 14 400GB Ultra ATA drives and dual RAID controllers, each with 512MB of cache memory, and is yours for just $6,000 per terabyte.

Linux Networx goes clustered
Not to be outdone, Linux Networx has announced a clustered file system that virtualises and manages all the attached storage. Called Xilo, it can pool all storage devices into a single repository. It uses the Lustre file system developed by Cluster File Systems. No pricing yet though.

HP and Brocade cut blade deal
HP and Brocade will now bundle a Fibre Channel switch with a blade server. HP’s BladeSystem will include a Brocade 4Gbit/s FC switch. The deal follows similar bundling moves by IBM and McData. It will be available around the middle of next year.

Swiss Army Techie knife
It's not often storage is called "small, trendy and extremely sexy" but then we've not had the SwissMemory USB by Victorinox before. Wtf is a SwissMemory USB? Good question. It's a cross between the old-favourite Swiss Army Knife and a USB memory key. Yep, up to 512MB memory *and* loads of little blades that you'll never use but will cut yourself on. Amazing, you think? Well, yes, that's because its "the ultimative technical accessory for trend-setters" - whatever the hell that means.

Smells fishy to me
If a Swiss Army knife isn't your cup of tea but you still need to carry around lots of files on a tiny keyfob, don't panic! Because there is Sushi USB. Yep, if you can't get enough of raw fish (and why should you?), you can carry around a plastic reminder that doubles up as a storage device for all those pictures you downloaded from that, ahem, Japanese hobby site. It's 6,000 yen for the 32MB version and 8,200 yen for the 128MB version - that's £30 and £42 respectively. Pricey but worth it we're sure you agree.