Apple Premium Reseller Stormfront has launched a new green initiative with a chance to trade in your old computer.

Starting Saturday 13 February and running through to 11 April 2010, customers can receive up to £100 when they trade in any old computer, no matter which brand, and purchase a new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac.

According to Stormfront, the old computer is sent to DataServ, one of Europe's leading recycling centres, who will asses the machine and salvage any reusable parts ensuring data on the hard drive has been securely deleted.

Any PC that can not be recycled into new components or has unsalvageable parts - should the hard drive not be able to be deleted for example - is broken down and converted into ecologically inert material.

Full terms and conditions of the scheme can be found at

In the last two years, Stormfront has launched nine Apple Premium Reseller stores across the south of the UK, operating from its base in Exeter. Just before Christmas, the company opened a store at 14 Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall.