The API management firm has launched Apigee Link, a platform that helps firms create an eco-system of connected devices and mobile apps in a bid to become Internet of Things companies.

Link is based on Apigee’s open-source developer platform Zetta, which claims to turn any device into an API using microcontrollers like Arduino, and giving devices a REST API locally and in the cloud.

Raspberry Pi 2
Apigee Link allows developers to make IoT devices with microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi Credit: Element14

This allows developers to assemble distributed systems of devices that talk to each other through APIs. Through Link, the firm have added enterprise support and cloud services.

Through Link, developers and device makers are not locked into any one standard when using the platform. 

A connected device provider, CentraLite - which counts Schneider Electric as a customer - is already using Apigee LINK to offer business customers a better digital experience with its connected devices.  

“CentraLite has long been providing reliable products for a connected world, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Apigee to enable new applications in the space,” said John Calagaz, CentraLite’s CTO.

Paul Daugherty, CTO at Accenture believes APIs will play a central role for firms that wish to create connected services for the IoT.

“We’ve worked with a number of clients using Apigee’s API management platform, and their entry into the IoT ecosystem is a welcome one”, he said.

A range of UK businesses are using Apigee’s Edge platform to create APIs that effectively wrap around legacy systems to improve agility, and unlock data. These include Orange, ITV and John Lewis.

Innovative users of the API platform – which includes opening it up to developers so they can create apps that are compatible with their service, platform or even hardware, include Philips’ lighting and healthcare division, as well as Ford, the carmaker.