Adaptec has bought UK company, Elipsan, to add virtualisation facilities to its products.

It has agreed in principle to acquire Elipsan Limited, a network storage infrastructure software provider. Elipsan's storage virtualisation technology will enable Adaptec to facilitate storage scalability and increase performance across multiple RAID subsystems.

Adaptec said the use of storage virtualisation enabled IT managers to capture all network storage capacity physically located throughout the organisation in a single, easy-to-manage interface. By integrating Elipsan's virtualisation and business-continuance capabilities directly into Adaptec's RAID subsystems, Adaptec claimed to eliminate the need for a dedicated server or expensive third-party management software. It will also offer faster backup and recovery.

Adaptec is also dipping a toe into the iSCSI waters with an iSCSI-to-SATA RAID system offered for backup, archive, or storage of what Adaptec calls reference data (others describe it as fixed content) and storage consolidation applications.

The new Adaptec iSA1500 Storage Array offers IP SAN capabilities and is a 1U system that provides one terabyte of storage capacity in four hot-swappable Serial ATA disk drives and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10. The array automates storage management to simplify installation, configuration and administration of IP SANs.

Adaptec also introduced Fibre Channel-to-Serial ATA RAID and JBOD storage arrays for midsize businesses. The Adaptec FS4500 combines Fibre Channel scalability and performance with Serial ATA disk drives for reference data storage. The FS4100 SATA drive enclosure can scale to 24 terabytes of direct-attached, or networked, storage and provides an upgrade path to fully redundant RAID.

Adaptec's suggested retail pricing for the Adaptec iSA1500 is $10,000. MSRP for the Adaptec FS4500 and FS4100 is $14,299 and $9,599, respectively.