Single-ended WAN accelerator for mobile users
Packeteer has introduced an asymmetric WAN application accelerator aimed at mobile and remote VPN users. Unlike earlier products which required Packeteer hardware at both ends of a WAN link, the $25,000 SkyX Server 155 needs only software at the client end.

This concept is not new - several of Packeteer's rivals have WAN accelerators that only require one box per link - but it means Packeteer too can now reach individual users as well as branch offices. The SkyX Server technology comes from Packeteer's acquisition of Mentat, and installs next to the VPN concentrator; it then works as a TCP/IP accelerator to reduce latency and packet loss, the company said.

Deployment software needs just one image for all
A single executable image can be created and then deployed to any make or model of PC, claimed Binary Research International. BRI said its Universal Imaging Utility 2.0 prepares the target computer, so administrators no longer have to build multiple different system images for different hardware set-ups.

The software works alongside disk cloning or imaging programs such as Symantec Ghost (which was developed by BRI's parent company), DriveImage Pro and Altiris Migration Suite, and can be used on Windows 2000 and XP systems. It costs between $19 and $8.60 a seat, depending on volume.

BT picks spam and virus-blocker
BT is to deploy Mirapoint's MailHurdle e-mail cleansing technology for its business customers, according to Mirapoint. MailHurdle checks whether incoming mail comes from a valid SMTP source, and rejects any that doesn't. Mirapoint said the important factor is that rejection takes place at the network edge, thereby conserving internal network bandwidth and other resources.