ADIC is adding support for StorageTek L-Series libraries to its Pathlight VX D2D2T product Disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backup systems first backup server files to disk which is lightning fast compared to tape. Then the disk copies are backed up to tape without slowing down or stopping the servers as conventional tape backup does. Restores from the disk copy are lightning fast too, compared to disk. Typically the disk copy is deleted once it's written to tape.

Existing D2D2T products support the supplier's own tape library. ADIC has now added support for StorageTek L-Series libraries - LTO 1 and 2 only, IBM drives only - to the existing support for its own Scalar libraries. Pathlight VX version 2 presents itself to servers as a virtual library that transparently includes disk for faster performance and RAID fault-tolerance. Existing backup procedures and software can be used without interruption.

Pathlight 2.0 include's ADIC's StorNext management software for policy-based backup data management. If need be data can be retained on disk for fast recovery of historical information. Also multiple data copies can be made for redundant protection. Data copies can also be exported for disaster recovery.

Pathlight VX 2.0 can have 3.8 to 46.8TB of ATA disk and the StorageTek L-Series library can hold 2.8PB - 2,823TB - of uncompressed data. Throughput is up to 2TB/hour. PathLight VX 2.0 will be available in December. Pricing was not revealed.

Pathlight was one of the products that EMC didn't take when it agreed to OEM ADIC tape products earlier this year.