ADIC has more than doubled the capacity of its i2000 Scalar library and introduced hot-swap tape drives. The enterprise-class tape library now holds up to 3,492 catridges, meaning 2.8 petabytes of data in compressed LTO3 format.

Hot-swap drives are hardly an industry first, but ADIC claims the i2000 is the first tape library to use virtualisation techology to allow users to change tape drives without having to make any other changes to the backup system. Drives are given virtual IDS and serial numbers. A drive can be hot-swapped by re-assigning its virtual ID and serial number to another of the up to 48 drives.

There are other improvements: the library's diagnostic data now includes information from backup applications and SAN fabric elements as well as the library's own component hardware and software. Engineers can network in remotely and understand the context in which a fault ocurred. ADIC calls this service iSurety and claims it cuts the number of service calls in half and gets faults fixed 30 percent faster.

ADIC marketing VP, Bill Britts, said: "This is the first time a diagnostic tool associated with a library has been able to extend remote diagnostics out into the customers' storage ecosystem."

When a drive is added to the i2000, the library's operating software automatically brings its its firmware up to the same level as all the other equivalent drives in the library. The i2000 also features integrated SMI-S (System Management Interface Specification) software which should help third-party storage management software better manage the library.

The refreshed i2000 will be available in April this year.