Addonics Technologies has introduced its Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS), a Mac- and PC-compatible removable external storage system.

Addonics sells the SDCS as an internal apparatus that installs in a PC computer’s 5.25-inch optical drive bay. For Mac users, it can also be ordered in an external configuration that plugs into an available USB 2.0 interface, or external Serial ATA (eSATA) interface, if it is a Power Mac or Mac Pro with an eSATA interface card. Firewire or CardBus is also available.

The cartridge itself can hold a drive, in capacities ranging from 300 Gbyte to 750 Gbyte. You can optionally use hardware-encrypted drives that “unlock” using a physical cipher key that you plug in to the cartridge. Addonics offers 64-bit DES, 128-bit TDES and 192-bit TDES-based hardware encryption.