Adaptec has a new version of its network attached storage, the SnapServer 650 - designed for data-heavy applications such as databases, email and video surveillance.

The SnapServer 650 uses two dual-core 54-bit AMD processors and 300GB, 15,000rpm Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives. The top-of-the-line NAS appliance supports as many as 200 users and is intended for data centre storage.

It has two Gigabit Ethernet adapters for connection to the network, 2GB of memory, and dual power supplies and cooling for fault tolerance. It can expand to 64.2TB of Serial ATA and SAS drivers, or 26.4TB of SAS capability. The SnapServer 650 starts at $16,000 for a 1.2TB configuration.

Meanwhile, Isilon has announced plans to expand its storage clustering capabilities into the area of digital content with the launch of a new appliance, the Isilon IQ 200.

The Isilon IQ 200 uses the company’s OneFS clustered file system to store digital content at a price the vendor says most companies storing lots of data can afford.

The device can scale from 6TB to 48TB and allows the addition of extra storage modules as required. The IQ 200 has 2TB of storage per node and can accommodate between three and 24 nodes. Each IQ 200 is 1U (1.75 inches) high and includes data protection and management software. The IQ200 starts at $39,750 for a three-node cluster.

Isilon also announced an OEM agreement with Harris to market the IQ 200 with Harris’ Nexio video server.