Wallace and Gromit would certainly approve. Aardman Animations, the company behind the plasticene duo, has upgraded its network to support the increasing amount of transatlantic collaboration the company now undertakes.

The company has signed a deal with NTL Telewest to move from a 4Mbit/s long-distance network to a 10Mbit/s one to take into account the large amount of traffic heading across the Atlantic.

"We signed with NTL Telewest because we’ve had experience with working with them and because they were very competitive on price,” said Paul Deane, Aardman’s head of IT. “We looked at BT and MCI as well but NTL Telewest’s offering was very attractive."

Deane said that with studios in the UK, the US and Canada looking to share files, there was a need for an infrastructure that could handle the large graphics files. The company is using software called RepliWeb as back-up. “Basically, it’s an extremely advanced FTP product with compression software at each end,” said Deane.

The company used the NTL Telewest link to complete its latest feature, Flushed Away and is currently working on a version of its hit show Creature Comforts for CBS television in the US.