3Par announced 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux. 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux is available immediately at £5,500 per controller node and £11,000 for a minimum two-controller configuration.

Blu-ray Disk Founders Group is reported to have agreed the completion of the first version of the specification. Disk production can follow with players expected in some time in 2005.

Cisco's storage results have been referenced. CEO John Chambers reportedly told analysts storage revenues grew 41 percent from last quarter and 180 percent from last year.

Don't you just know that fearful local government organisations are going to buy compliance products by the shedload. Connected Corp tells us that Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council bought 5,000 seats of Connected ArchiveStore/EM. Wigan MBC liked the point that ArchiveStore/EM has server, not user-based email capture, security, audit-ability and full search capabilities - meaning better compliance features.

DataCore will distribute Cambex Corporation's Dynamic Path Failover (DPF) software for use with DataCore's SANsymphony and SANmelody products to provide high-availability storage products in IBM AIX environments.

Decru has announced a partnership with Oracle that means Decru's DataFort security appliance can be deployed transparently with Oracle across multiple storage environments.

DVD is a truly commoditised technology. Amacom has a Baby DVD rewriter available for £129 with USDB 2.0 connection.

EMC will offer CNT’s FC/9000 Director product for FICON environments, the UltraNet Edge Storage Router 3000 for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), and the UltraNet Storage Director – eXtended (USD-X) for EMC SRDF extension of ESCON over IP networks.

Engenio and QLogic have collaborated to integrate the Engenio VDS Provider with the QLogic SANsurfer VDS Manager application for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. SANsurfer functions as a graphical software foundation for allocating and administering storage in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment.

HP also announced availability of FATA drives integrated into the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family to store infrequently accessed information in a more economical fashion. HP also introduced the HP StorageWorks EVA3000 Starter Kit, a 2GB Fibre Channel SAN array bundle with all-in-one pricing and packaging.

IBM has issued a research grant to the UNiversity of Arizona. The Eller College management information systems (MIS) department at the University of Arizona has received a Shared University Research (SUR) technology grant from IBM. The grant will support the development of on-demand stored data. Eller MIS researchers, with the help of IBM, plan to find ways to automate the allocation of data storage across the UA campus. (Sounds like a job for Storage Tank to me - Ed.)

Maxtor ships new SATA Diamond Max 10 drive. It has a single-chip native SATA and offers native command queuing (NCQ), proprietary dual-processor technology, and a 16MB buffer what Maxtor claimed was "unparalleled speeds compared to traditional 7200 RPM drives in their class". Capacity is up to 300GB.

Overland Storage - Customers are buying more units and terabytes of iSCSI disk-to-disk (D2D) backup this year from Overland than from any one else,according to a report issued by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

Plasmon says more than 30 vendors worldwide now offer storage management and application software support packages for media, drives and libraries based around Plasmon UDO (Ultra Density Optical). This includes offerings from EMC Corp., Tivoli and Veritas. UDO is shaping up as a niche MO follow-on that may well become mainstream.

SanDisk CompactFlash card survives destructive review :-). A demolition crew set off an explosion to bring down an old highway bridge on the Mississippi River. Newspaper photographer Don Frazier's digital camera, positioned on a tripod to remotely capture the event was blown to bits. The camera's SanDisk 256MB CompactFlash card was blasted from the camera chamber. But it had stored an image of the explosion. See it on the link above.

Storeage Networking Technologies announced the release of the SVM App-Pack for Windows. This addition to the StoreAge SVM (Storage Virtualization Manager) enables administrators to add snapshot, volume management and replication capabilities to Microsoft Windows-based server applications, such as Oracle 9i, SQL 2000 and Exchange 2000.

Systex is a new name in storage. Rob Fowler, business development manager, enterprise storage division for Systex, tells us that "Systex Corporation is one of Greater China's top system integrators, with over twenty years of experience in the storage market." The company is expanding outside China and is "introducing our own range of value-added storage products, under the brand name of ExpreStor. We will be aiming at the enterprise-level, with a range of products that will cover every aspect of data storage, from NAS to DAS to SAN. Starting off with a series of WSS2003 powered NAS units (hardware and software RAID, IDE and SATA) as well as a series of Virtual Tape Libraries, we expect to also soon ship a series of RAID based disk arrays, with Serial ATA, SCSI or Fibre Channel drives. We are also developing a range of iSCSI SAN storage gateways, which will increase performance and optimisation of existing storage infrastructures."