Publisher Macmillan Science and Education is to make its scientific research freely available across the internet via its journals' subscribers.

Subscribers to 49 journals on can now "legitimately and conveniently" share the full text of articles of interest with colleagues who do not have a subscription, via a sharable weblink on, said the company.

Free sharing tool now available on articles. Image credit: Macmillan Science and Education/
Free sharing tool now available on articles. Image credit: Macmillan Science and Education/

In addition, Macmillan Science and Education says it will open up its content to 100 global media outlets and blogs that report and comment on its research, by also providing weblinks to the whole content.

The weblinks lead to read-only versions of published scientific research published by the Nature stable of journals and other scientific publications from the company. Macmillan Science and Education says the move will aid scientists and students at more than 6,000 universities and organisations worldwide, and serve over 10 million monthly unique visitors to

The sharing is intended for "personal, non-commercial use". To further aid collaboration, forthcoming annotation functionality will enable subscribers to share comments and highlighted text with their colleagues.

Nature has previously published leading scientific stories on the human genome - the structure of our DNA, Dolly the Sheep, the invention of the laser, the identification of the AIDS virus, and the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer.

Annette Thomas, CEO of Macmillan Science and Education said: “We are now able to present a new way to conveniently share and disseminate this knowledge to provide a real solution to the global problem of how to efficiently and legitimately share scientific research for the benefit of all.”

The technology behind the initiative has been developed by ReadCube, a company that develops software to make research literature "more accessible and connected" for researchers, institutions and publishers.