Zeus Technology, has launched a new version of its application delivery software, ZXTM. The new release, version 5, will include Java extensions enabling developers to include Java libraries.

Steve Webb, Zeus’s vice president of strategic accounts said that the new development offered additional enhancements to the company’s existing language, TrafficScript, used for developing traffic management rules.

"TrafficScript is great as far as it goes – it’s very good for inspecting traffic – but it doesn’t look at the applications being carried by that traffic. What we’ve done is extend TrafficScript so that developers would have the ability to use existing Java libraries so that application processing can be done without slowing down traffic."

He said that by using Java, the company was offering developers the chance to use a well-established language with a wide variety of libraries and with thousands of programmers available.

Webb said that there were several ways in which enterprises could use the new product. "It could be used for verification of XML traffic, it could be used to dynamically reconfigure ZXTM on the fly or it could be used to provide a single sign-on for a user who wanted to access multiple web applications."

The Java Extensions could also be used to control all of ZXTM’s traffic management capabilities, for example, bandwidth limits, session persistence, content caching, and content compression.

According to Webb, no other company offered this ability to handle applications in this way. "We can do this because we’ve always been focused on the application. There are network companies such as Cisco talking about close integration between applications and the network – but they’ve been talking about it for at least 18 months now and I’m prepared to listen when they actually do something instead of talking about it."

In addition to the Java extensions, Version 5.0 will also provide full support for managing IPv6 traffic as well as IPv4, and adds full support for load-balancing SIP and RTSP (streaming media) traffic.

Webb said that ZXTM 5.0 will be released on 20 May and will cost £9,500 (approx $18,500) although existing users will be offered a free upgrade.