Yahoo has revamped its free My Yahoo Search and renamed it My Web.

The personal search service launched in October lets you save Web pages and keep a history of search queries and the results you clicked on.

The revamped version will let you share this info with others. "We're creating a personal search engine for each user, a personal index of the documents that most matter to them," said Tim Mayer, director of product management for Yahoo Search technology.

My Web is integrated with Yahoo's Web mail, and it now also integrates with Yahoo's instant messaging service. Links to Yahoo's social networking and blogging service are on their way. But bizarrely, considering its name, My Web isn't integrated with Yahoo's desktop search tool.

Whereas My Yahoo Search was only available on the Yahoo's new services page, My Web can be accessed from the main Yahoo Search page. Thew My Web API lets it link to other applications, and can store pages in HTML, but not images, audio or video. My Web can only point to that type of multimedia content and index its metadata.

To use it, you need to be registered with Yahoo and log-in. All the My Web information is stored on Yahoo servers.