Yahoo said it will make its Panama search marketing application's APIs available for customisation.

Through the new Search Marketing Commercial API Program, businesses and developers can build products based on Yahoo's core technology for serving advertisements based on search relevancy and advertiser bids.

Dan Boberg, Yahoo's managing director of sales technology, said that the company completely rebuilt the Panama APIs with an eye toward providing the scalability and reliability needed to build search marketing businesses.

"We're trying to take the program and industry to a new level by providing these commercial value-added services by opening up access more broadly," he said. "We've left the stage where businesses in the search marketing space can afford to get by with whatever service is available. There's a gap in the industry where most search providers are not stepping up to provide robust enterprise-class services."

The new API programme provides three levels of access to the Panama application programming interfaces:

  • Basic, designed for small companies, provides free access to Panama and technical support.
  • Advanced, which provides access to the Panama platform, dedicated technical support and service-level agreements.
  • Elite, which provides access to Panama and to joint marketing opportunities with Yahoo, and enables participants to make contributions to the product's road map.