World Cup 2010 South Africa vuvuzela for the iPhone The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will be remembered for the droning soundtrack provided by the vuvuzela, a long plastic horn that has divided opinion among spectators.

A range of online petitions have emerged to call on World Cup organisers to ban the traditional horn which makes a droning noise comparable to a swarm of bees. Meanwhile, other international fans have bought horns with plans to bring them back to their own country.

If you didn't manage to get tickets to the World Cup this year, you don't need to go to South Africa for a vuvuzela. You can treat yourself  and download the vuvuzela as an app that will recreate the noise on your smartphone. For the iPhone, there is the iVuvuzela app, which plays a short vuvuzela noise at the touch of a button. An alternative is the Vuvuzela World Cup app, which you activate by blowing into the iPhone's microphone. If you opt for the paid app version, the Vuvuzela World Cup app offers a two player mode where you can compete for who blows the loudest.

For Android users, there is the Vuvuzela, or the more sophisticated Virtual Vuvuzela, which lets you skin your virtual vuvuzela with the country colours of your choice.

Image credit: Dundas Football Club on Flickr, published under the Creative Commons 2.0 Licence