WLAN specialist Vivato has ceased operations, and will be looking to sell its assets, including the intellectual property around its distinctive phased-array antenna.

The antenna system was unique among WLAN vendors, enabling Vivato to create an unobtrusive panel that combined a WLAN switch with the beam-steering antenna. The resulting product, introduced in early 2003, could cover very large areas, indoors and outdoors, with WLAN signals.

The company had most of its success in outdoor and campus projects, such as sprawling wireless nets at the University of Indiana and Daytona Beach.

But within months of the product debut, Vivato was struggling for survival. It won additional funding, but at the cost of reshuffling top management and two rounds of layoffs. The changes were not enough to claim either a space at the enterprise WLAN table or in the increasing competitive outdoor market, where new wireless mesh vendors like Tropos, BelAir, and others, were succeeding.