Wireless mobility vendors NetMotion and Padcom have merged to form a new company, NetMotion.

The companies plan to integrate their flagship products by modifying NetMotion's Mobilitiy XE software with features from Padcom's TotalRoam.

Both products create encrypted tunnels between end devices (including desktops, laptops and PDAs) and a mobility server. These servers proxy the connection to application or web servers the remote devices are trying to reach, and in the case of mobile devices connecting over wireless networks, they keep the server session alive when the connection to the roaming device breaks as the device moves around.When the device comes back onto a network - wired or wireless - client software on the device re-establishes its connection to the mobility server and the proxied session picks up where it left off.

So if a user with a laptop was making an FTP transfer over a Wi-Fi connection in a building and the session was dropped when the laptop was carried onto an elevator, the software would re-establish the connection when the device came back into range of an access point or was plugged into the wired network. The FTP transfer would continue where it left off.The two companies had fought a patent-infringement lawsuit that Padcom won earlier this year. With the merger, that dispute goes away.Both companies have about 50 employees and layoffs are expected as they eliminate duplicate jobs.