Apple's Safari 3 web browser, available now in beta, will run on Windows as well as Mac OS X, Apple has said.

Safari will sport the same features on both platforms. Apple CEO Steve Jobs told Worldwide Developers Conference attendees that the Windows version of Safari 3 has the same technology as the Leopard edition, including built-in Google and Yahoo search capabilities.

Apple decided to make Safari a cross-platform application to boost the browser's market share. According to figures cited by Jobs, Safari currently captures about 5 percent of the browser market; Internet Explorer commands 78 percent of the market while Mozilla's Firefox has a 15-percent share.

Apple promised a speedy version of Safari for Windows. The company says that Safari performed an iBench HTML performance suite test twice as fast as Microsoft's Internet Explorer - 2.2 seconds to IE's 4.6 seconds. The Apple-built browser turned in similar performance on iBench's Javascript test, completing the suite in less than a second compared to IE's 2.4-second time.

Safari is only the second Apple program to make the leap over to Windows; the company also produces a Windows-compatible version of its iTunes music application.