dventNet has announced that its ManageEngine Wi-Fi Manager product now supports 70 different access points from major vendors.

Wi-Fi Manager is a low-cost software alternative to high-end Wi-Fi management and security systems, that lets IT managers control different access points through one user interface. Version 4.3 of the product (we reviewed version 4 last year) supports access points from more vendors, including Cisco, Proxim, 3Com, Symbol, Nomadix, HP, D-Link, NetGear, SMC, Avaya, Dell, Ericsson, Huawei, Linksys, and Mikrotik (see the full list.

“Currently, it is very difficult for companies to stick with equipment from one single vendor, as the wireless industry is still maturing, and mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are frequently occurring,” said Sivaramakrishnan, WiFi Manager's lead architect. By supporting many different access points, the product allows users to get the most out of existing investment, and choose the best products in future, the company says.

The product centralises control of access points, configuring multiple access points with a single click, and continuously monitors the availability of the network and the presence of other wireless activity. The company claims it can identify most major wireless threats, including rogue access points, intrusions, sniffers, DoS attacks and vulnerabilities.

A free edition of WiFi Manager, for Windows or Linux can be downloaded, and will manage up to three access points. The professional version can handle "unlimited" access points. It costs an annual fee of $495 to manage 10 access points, $995 to manage 50 access points, and upwards to $4495 per year to manage 2000 access points. A thirty-day trial of the professional version can be downloaded free.

“WiFi Manager helps us configure and update all access points spread across the campus without any hassle. We especially like being able to manage several brands of access points with one management utility. In short, it has made life more comfortable,” said John Diehl, network specialist for Kyrene School District, Arizona.