Wi-Fi is the best technological innovation of the last decade, resoundingly beating Sky+ and SatNavs. That's according to the readers of lad mag, Stuff magazine, who assessed the range of geek toys on offer.

A clear majority (35.5 percent) opted for wireless Internet as the best techie innovation, resoundingly beating items such as Sky+ (Sky's PVR or personal video recorder) with 16.9 percent of the votes, Sat Navs (16.6 percent), and even the humble BlackBerry (1.1 percent).

The survey also heralded some Christmas gloom for the Steve Jobs household, after the Apple iPod only made it to number five on the chart with 5.6 percent of the votes. Indeed, the Apple iPhone didn't even make it into the Top Ten.

The survey did however throw up the odd surprise, with hybrid cars pulling 8.9 percent of the votes (Jeremy Clarkson take note), whilst Chip & Pin gartnered 5.6 percent of the votes. Skype recorded a credible 1.7 percent.

The publisher of the magazine, Simon Osborne-Walker is confidant that the reader have been able to sum up the best of the last decade.

"It's been an amazing ten years for technology. Gadgets have gone from being big black boxes under the television to lightweight, portable devices," he said.

Stuff's top ten list of the best technological innovation of last decade are as follows:

1. Wireless Internet - 35.5 percent
2. Sky+ - 16.9 percent
3. Sat Nav - 16.6 percent
4. Hybrid Cars - 8.9 percent
5. iPod - 5.6 percent
6. Chip and Pin - 5.6 percent
7. Nintendo Wii - 3.9 percent
8. Skype - 1.7 percent
9. Oyster Card - 1.5 percent
10. Blackberry - 1.1 percent
Other - 2.6 percent