Apple CEO Tim Cook used the Apple Watch event, to announce the release of iOS 8.2, and with it, the first glimpse of the Apple Watch app.  

While some analysts have claimed the Apple Watch will sell 8.3 million units in Britain, and others have pondered the wisdom of the launch of a luxuriy range of products, the  its real importance of yesterday's annoucements is to kick start the whole wearables market for app developers.

Working out with an Apple Watch.... Image: Apple
Working out with an Apple Watch.... Image: Apple

Forrester analyst James McQuivey said, "Competing smartwatch makers have to be breathing a sigh of relief. Yet, Apple will outsell all the rest of them combined in 2015. In so doing, Apple will bring very valuable attention to the market, essentially releasing a rising tide that will float all their boats."

The new, lighter and thinner MacBook - it has dropped the 'Air' from the title -  brings in technology and lessons learnt from the iPhone and iPad, but with only one connector for power, video and data, some potential designers and enterprise customers may reserve judgement, though it is priced competitively at £1,049 for an entry level model.

Developers looking for inspiration from the Apple Watch app won't see much to look at yet. Monday's event teased an Apple Watch App Store within the app, and while we see the store's icon along the bottom of the screen, tapping on that icon reveals pre-order information. Apple doesn't say when the App Store will launch--the app just says "coming soon"-- so perhaps we won't get to explore these apps until the Watch ships.

You'll find options for pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone, videos about the Apple Watch, and a place for future third-party Apple Watch apps.

Besides the Watch app, iOS 8.2 brings major improvements to Apple's Health app. Stability enhancements were made to the Mail and Music apps, improvements made to VoiceOver's reliability and a number of bug fixes were made including those affecting Maps, iTunes and Bluetoooth connectivity.