MyWebAlert has slashed the price of its hosted website monitoring service and introduced minimum term contracts of just one month.

The Uk-based service now costs just under £2 per month, an 80 percent reduction on its old prices.

MyWebAlert monitors websites from three locations, with each checking the site every five minutes. In the event of failure being reported by two monitoring sites, an email alert is sent.

If the failure is due to malicious damage, the alert is sent after just one failure report. When normal service is resumed, a success message is issued and performance data is recorded in the database in preparation for a monthly report that provides a breakdown of availability and industry average comparisons.

A graphical reporting utility enables the data to be included in management reports.

MyWebAlert offered a faster response than that offered by free services such as InternetSeer and SiteUptime, claimed MyWebAlert managing director John Earley.

“Free services will poll your website every fifteen minutes, and some go even longer than that. If an alert is sent after two failures, your website could be down for half an hour and you wouldn’t know about it,” he said.

The company recently monitored the websites of FTSE 1000 organisations and found that 43 per cent of websites recorded significant failures during December 2005.

“Vendors of B2B network monitoring solutions have failed to recognise the wake up call from consumer driven markets and continue to try to justify high prices. As a result, the network management world is overloaded with small to smaller size vendors which at the end of the day stifles innovation and adoption,” said Earley.

“We have taken the view that if the cost of the service equates to less than that for a Starbucks Coffee, we will be setting a new threshold for the provision of managed services.”

MyWebAlert is priced at £23 per year or £2.30 for single one off month contracts.