Wavelink has brought out what it claims is the first integrated system for wireless LAN management and protection.

Wavelink Managed Security is an integrated platform for the management of IEEE 802.11x networks, devices, and security. Its recent acquisition of AirPrism adds a key device-side management component.

"AirPrism brings in strength on the device side, especially for security which is tightly tied to management of mobile devices," said Stephen Drake, program director at IDC.

AirPrism will give network managers the ability to use a central console to purge data from remote devices based on defined policies. It also adds capacity to lock down devices remotely and to perform backup, recovery, and restoration of data to a central server.

Also included is a restart download feature which lets you pick up on a download where you left off, rather than have to start the whole thing again. It can also vary bandwidth according to need and reconfigure an IP address without user intervention.

The need for centralised management of mobile devices is being driven by the increase in devices with IEEE 802.11x. "As Wi-Fi use proliferates, we are extending management capabilities out to a broader set of devices, laptops, PDAs, handsets, and smart phones," said Eric Hermelee, Wavelink's vice president of marketing.

Wavelink Managed Security also includes the Mobile Manager Authentication Server, a Radius server for wired and wireless authentication. It is integrating Funk Software's security client so sysadmins can define and enforce polices centrally. A licensing agreement means AirMagnet's intrusion detection will also be included.

The AirMagnet system uses sensors deployed in the same general area as the access points which can inspect data packets. The application can also look for denial of service attacks and determine if a device has had many retries and failures in trying to access the network, which is an indication of a rogue device.

The single, central console can apply policies to both the network and mobile devices, manage and define WPA 2 security and remotely gather intelligence from the network.

According to Drake at IDC, there have always been pure-play mobile security vendors, network management vendors, and device management vendors, but this is one of the first times all of the components have been rolled up into one offering.

WaveLink Managed Security is available now. The AirPrism component will be added next year. It costs from $9,750 for 25 wireless network elements and 25 mobile device user licenses. Mobile Manager Authentication Server starts at $1,395 and includes 25 licenses.