Internet phone company Vonage has reached a deal to cut the cost of making VOIP calls at hotspots run by European Wi-Fi network operator The Cloud.

Vonage customers will be able to make VOIP calls for free - and without any log-in - using any Wi-Fi device at The Cloud's 7,000 Wi-Fi access points, Unlimited use of the hotspots for VOIP is now included within Vonage's £7.99 subscription.

The service should be available beginning next month to Vonage's 'Residential Unlimited' customers, who also have unlimited calls to UK and Irish landlines as well as to other Vonage customers wherever they are in the world.

The Cloud is launching city center hot zones in Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford, along with the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, and Islington. It will be deploying a Wi-Fi network across the entire Square Mile in London later this year.

"Enabling users to make telephone calls while on the move is the inevitable next stage of the VOIP revolution," said Kerry Ritz, managing director of Vonage UK.