Vodafone is buying two companies to boost its ability to deliver enterprise applications and services.

Vodafone UK aims to strengthen its portfolio in the potentially lucrative enterprise market, using new acquisitions Aspective and Isis Telecommunications Management. The UK operator also signed a strategic partnership with Fiberlink Communications.

With price pressure nibbling away its consumer voice business, the company needs to move beyond its traditional mobile phone operations, and applications, access and services for business are its best move, analysts say.

Aspective is a consultancy which develops enterprise applications, such as CRM (customer relationship management), for mobile platforms. Isis brings added service capability, particularly in fleet management and billing.

Vodafone will offer Fiberlink's Extend360 Mobility Platform, which offers secure cellular access to corporate VPNs (virtual private networks), in a bid to provide added access capability.

The deals come in response to demands from large enterprise customers for support with billing and analysis tools, management of their device fleets, mobile data applications and interfaces to internal systems, Pauline Trotter, an analyst with Ovum wrote in a report.