Vitria has launched a Web 2.0 business process management (BPM) suite, claiming it to be an industry first. The M3O combines modelling, management, monitoring and optimisation in a single interface.

The company said that the product would do for BPM what Apple’s iPhone has done for portable devices; blending process management and event processing through a Web 2.0-style interface, enabling non-techie business users to model, manage, monitor and optimise processes without help from IT.

Vitria said that up until now, the modelling and collaboration capabilities of BPM products have been constrained by a technological gap that kept business analysts and IT professionals separated. According to the company, business analysts could now play a key role in building and managing their own process models without having to spend time with IT to construct and finally complete a process.

Many vendors have been working on models that can be used by both business and IT analysts, but M3O is said to extend this idea to all phases of process management and optimisation without introducing separate tools and interfaces. In other words, it isn’t just an Ajax-based portal added to the suite - it’s a 100 percent Web 2.0 interface built around Adobe’s Flex.

The company said that the visualisation capabilities would provide a true synergy, enabling business managers to model and link information as well as creating new views or dashboards without having to explain to IT what it is they want. In fact, Vitria said after using M3O the knowledge workers would be the ones to unleash the true synergy of BPM, Web 2.0 and event processing in the enterprise.

"As the originator of BPM, Vitria has always seen the value of collaboration within the development of business processes," said Dr JoMei Chang, CEO, Vitria Technology. "With the introduction of such a unique and scaleable product, we are again taking the lead in creating the next generation of BPM which will enable business and IT to work in a truly collaborative manner on an enterprise level."

Vitria has also introduced M3O’s Exception Manager, which uses all of M3O’s capabilities to automatically resolve process exceptions across the enterprise.

M3O and Exception Manager will be released at the end of March. M3O and Exception Manager run on J2EE platforms and are integrated with Vitria’s BusinessWare software.