Users will no longer need to be online to surf through web content, A Seattle-based company, Webaroo, has developed an application that will allow users to surf, even when they're not connected to the web.

The system works through a free client, which is downloaded to the users' PC. They will then search through 'Web packs', grouped by subject area, on the Webaroo website. The users download the web packs, which can then be searched when the users are offline.

Webaroo says it's important that the best content is included in the packs. Subjects for the web packs include news, sports and cities such as London and New York. Each pack includes "thousands" of pages each, Webaroo said.

Each time users reconnect to the Internet, the software automatically updates content they have chosen, deleting older information to create more space. The software downloads the content in pieces over time so as not to hog all the user's bandwidth.

Caching content to access offline later is not new, but an effort to make a broad selection of Internet content available is unusual. Some vendors offer remote access software that lets workers access corporate data when they have no connection. In addition, many browsers, as well as services like Google Local for mobile, cache recently downloaded pages, but do so primarily to speed up subsequent visits.