Sixty-nine percent of Brits are losing money by not reviewing their broadband, telephone and TV packages each year, according to

The comparison website said that 11 percent of those that don't look for a better deal admit they can't be bothered to do the research. The research also revealed that 54 percent of Brits are still paying for separate services, rather than opting for a bundled deal from one provider, which is resulting in paying more than necessary.

"Our research has shown that those who had switched services in the last 12 months had saved almost £200 over that time - this makes a huge difference to the household wallet and could be used to pay for a treat for you and the family," said James Parker, broadband and mobiles manager at

"Although standalone packages are coming down in price and offer great value, there are even more savings to be made when opting to receive all these services through one provider," Parker said.

"Whether it is every TV channel, superfast broadband or unlimited talk packages you are looking for, providers will be able to tailor a package to suit your needs. I urge anyone who hasn't done so in the last 12 months to look at their subscriptions services to see where they could make some good savings."