Google+ truly is a man's social network.

According to figures from, two-thirds of Google+ users are men, which stands in contrast to Facebook, where a majority of users are women, including 55% in the US.

Konrad Caban, the manager director for parent company Siteimpulse, speculates that more men use Google+ because it is seen as more of an extension of other Google services such as Android and Gmail and is not as well-known for being a social hangout as Facebook.

"Google+ is a gadget - a smartphone in the social media world - used by those who use other Google products, including Android," Caban says. "People join Google+ because they read about it, not because a lot of their friends are already there like on Facebook." compiled its data on Google+ users from a variety of sources, including Google's official blog, Google's investor relations page, TechCrunch, Wikipedia, and In addition to its findings that men dominate Google+ use, also found that:

  • Students are by far the most popular occupation for Google+ users, accounting for just over 20% those sampled. Other popular professions for Google+ users included software engineers (2.65%), consultants (1.99%) and managers (1.72%).
  • The United States and India are the two countries with the most Google+ users, as the US accounts for 31.5% while India accounts for 13.7%. The Indian city of Bangalore has the most Google+ users of any individual city, accounting for 3.86% of all Google+ users.
  • A 42% plurality of Google+ users are single, while 27.45% are married and 19.3% are in a relationship. Just 4.4% of Google+ users list themselves as engaged, little more than the 3.4% of users who list "it's complicated" as their relationship status.
  • Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Google CEO Larry Page are the three most popular individuals on Google+ in terms of total numbers of followers. The three most popular brands on Google+ are H&M, Samsung USA and Pepsi, while the three most popular media pages on the site are ESPN, BBC News and Mashable.

Google says that 90 million users have joined Google+ since its inception last year. Although reported growth has been impressive, the platform still has a long way to go to catch Facebook, which has upward of 800 million users. Google has been trying to heavily promote Google+ as a social networking alternative and has sparked controversy for its integration of Google+ results into its standard search results. Essentially, Google has added a personal search component to its traditional searches, so if you search for a particular topic on the search engine, you'll also be given recent postings from your friends who have written about that topic on Google+. Twitter and other companies have accused Google of using its search engine power to unfairly promote its own social networking content at the expense of others.