Twitter said on Sunday that it has freed UberMedia's UberSocial (previously UberTwitter) and twidroyd apps from exile after shutting them off on Friday for what Twitter said was a breach of its terms of service. 

As of Sunday night, however, the UberMedia iPhone apps for Twitter (UberSocial and and UberCurrent) were still not back in action.

Twitter wrote on its support blog:

"We've given the developers of twidroyd and UberSocial for Blackberry (formerly UberTwitter) access to the Twitter API again. Our initial review indicates that steps have been taken to remedy the violations for these applications. When the developer updates twidroyd and Ubersocial, you'll be able to download their updates to access Tweets again on these applications."

Entrepreneur Bill Gross, who oversees UberMedia and the Idealab that it sprouted from, tweeted the he was happy to say the apps were back online and urged users to "spread the word." 

UberMedia changed the name of its UberTwitter app to UberSocial as part of its agreement with Twitter to clean up its popular mobile clients.

Twitter says it suspends "hundreds of applications" that violate its privacy and other API policies, but it was the microblogging site's suspension of the popular UberTwitter, UberCurrent and twidroyd apps that sparked a big social media to-do on Friday.

Twitter told CNNMoney on Friday that UberMedia's violations involved a privacy issue regarding Direct Messages that were too long, plus trademark infringement and changing content of users' Tweets to make money.

The term "#ubertwitter" jumped to the front of the Twitter trending topics line ahead of "Queen Gaga" and the Radiohead-related "Thomas Yorke" and "Lotus Flower" as word spread of the popular mobile Twitter client's temporary shutdown. UberTwitter users flooded Twitter with pleas, often colourfully worded, to sort things out.

UberTwitter initially was designed for RIM BlackBerry smartphones but also is available for Apple iPhones, whereas twidroyd is for Android devices.

UberMedia has been busy of late, as it bought social media site Mixx earlier this year and is in the process of buying TweetDeck. It also just raised $17.5 million in a venture round led by Accel Partners.