Wi-Fi provider Trustive has today launched 'all you can eat' pricing - Boingo-style - for €33 per month (about £22) across its European network.

It would appear to be the first pan-European deal of its kind. BT and T-Mobile - the UK's two main hotspot providers - both limit their deals to the UK only so roaming abroad costs you extra. BT recently lowered its flat-rate fee to £10 for 250 minutes, which looks like a much better deal than the £25-per-month it was charging. However, roam abroad and you're paying from 5p a minute with Telecom Italia to 20p a minute (Sonera HomeRun, Finland).

Trustive's service piggybacks on other providers' networks; in the UK, this means The Cloud and SurfnSip. According to Trustive, this means its hotspots cover most major European airports, as well as hotels, restaurants/bars and other locations, for a total claimed 23,000 hotspots. The company reckons there'll be another 7,000 hotspots available within the next 60 days. Users can cancel their subscription after giving a month's notice.

There's also an unlimited business tariff that provides users with unlimited usage for a flat-rate monthly fee of €150 per month split across five accounts. These can be shared between a company's mobile workforce as required. Trustive supplies an online management tool to administer the service and monitor usage.

Trustive original offering was a pre-paid, per-second tariff for a one-off fee of €25 for occasional hotspot users whose usage doesn't warrant a subscription service. It's still available and the fee is valid for 12 months.