Troux Technologies has launched technology that the company claimed would allow CIOs to judge how new IT projects would affect their organisations’ profitability.

The company said that Troux Initiatives, part of the forthcoming Troux 7 launch, would enable data managers to assess the impact that business changes (and the concomitant IT projects) would have.

The product has been developed in conjunction with design partners Warner Bros and AMD. It combines visual modelling with a scalable metadata repository, and constantly collects data across the business, which allows users to assess the impact of specific projects across all IT and business units.

“Alignment of IT to the business continues to be the most critical challenge for CIOs. We’re seeing ongoing frustration from the business as IT struggles to be more agile and proactive in their support of business requirements. A key barrier to this is lack of visibility to the range of IT assets, the relationship among the assets and their relationship to the business,” said David Hood, CEO of Troux.