Three owners of Palm's Treo 600 and 650 hybrid phone/PDAs have filed a lawsuit claiming the devices are defective and are seeking an injunction barring their sale.

Mario Palza, Charles Boulais, and Nissa Gay claim their devices suffer from a host of problems such as the quality of phone calls and stability of the software. They have filed a complaint with the superior court in California seeking damages.

They claim phone calls placed by the Treo 600 were indecipherable because of the poor quality of the phone's speakers and choppy delivery of the user's voice. Gay cited problems with the Treo 650's software, claiming the device crashed up to 10 times a day.

Thhese problems afflict numerous Treo owners and are attributable to Palm, not the wireless carriers that sell the device, claimed their lawyer Ira Rothken. Each of the men attempted to resolve their issues through Palm's customer support office, but they claim that Palm would replace their Treos with equally defective models, Rothken said.

In December, we gave the Treo a largely positive review, if recognising that there seemed to be some problems with the microphone.

No manufacturer is immune to problems with computer hardware, but the Treo has been a success for Palm and wireless carriers over the first few years of its life, said Todd Kort, principal analyst with Gartner. If the problems with the device were as widespread as the plaintiffs claim, it's likely that wireless carriers would have pulled the device from their shelves after receiving complaints, as T-Mobile USA did earlier this year with HP's h6315, he said.

Palm has yet to respond to the lawsuits.