If you're buying a wireless network, then you should be buying NAC too, claimed Trapeze Networks as it stitched a deal with NAC specialist Mirage Networks to sell an integrated secure WLAN system in the UK.

The two companies have partnered to get their technology working together and then sell the combined system through the same distributor, said Alistair Mutch, Trapeze's UK & Ireland director, speaking at the IP'07 exhibition in London today.

He said that wireless - because of its openness - is what really brings threats into the network.

"We end up being the carrier for the biggest collection of wildebeest ever," he joked. "With wireless, you connect your own managed users first, but the really cool thing is you can also pick up other herds too."

The vision is of a "seamless Layer 2 mobility solution that picks you up and drops you on the LAN we want you to be on," Mutch added. "We dovetail the wireless into the wired, which is where Mirage sits."

The combined system is especially aimed at networks which have a high proportion of unmanaged clients, said Michael D'Eath, Mirage's business development VP.

"The unmanaged device is where the pain comes in," he said. "Our technology - we are in both pre- and post-admission NAC - is particularly optimised for the unmanaged world because we have ways to enforce access control without needing agents."

He added that it's not just guests - it can be anyone connected to the organisation who has their own device. For example, a hospital will have consultants or contractors, while a university could have 30,000 students with their own laptops.