Trapeze Networks has announced a new access point for the emerging high-bandwidth 802.11n wireless standard. The company is also set to introduce upgraded Wi-Fi management software and a new high-capacity wireless LAN controller.

The new access point, the MP-432, is designed to be compliant with the 802.11n draft standard and is being tested for Wi-Fi certification of interoperability with other devices, Trapeze chief technology officer Dan Simone said. It will use the same mounting bracket as earlier access point models and can interoperate with existing MX controllers, Simone said.

Companies have been slow to adopt products that conform to the new draft standard prior to full ratification. Trapeze agreed that companies were split on this issue. "Corporations have a wait-and-see attitude, saying they'll hold off until the product is in the market or has good interoperability," Simone said. "But others, such as big universities, are going quickly to draft 2.0," with Wi-Fi growth on their campuses.

Simone said the new access point could run in the 802.11 b/g/n mode and 802.11 a/n mode.

The company didn't announce pricing and availability for the new products, although field trials of the controller start in October. The Mobility Exchange (MX) 2800 WLAN switch will provide support for 512 active access points and 12,000 user clients. It is equipped with two 10Gbit/s ports and eight 1Gbit/s ports for large installations, Simone said.

An upgrade of Trapeze's Mobility System Software will allow all MX-class Trapeze switches to run as one virtual switch, resulting in virtual switch capacity that could be useful in network outages or for load balancing when traffic surges in one part of a building, Simone said. New configurations can be sent easily throughout the network as well. "The switches are location-independent," Simone noted.