First it was planes, then trains, now you can get broadband Internet access on ships thanks to wireless technology.

Boeing's Connexion satellite-delivered Internet service, used by an increasing number of airplane companies, will now be installed [pdf] by shipping company Teekay.

Connexion by Boeing uses satellites to provide high-speed data connections between aircraft and ground stations linked to the Internet. The connection speed is typically about 5Mbit/s downstream and 1Mbit/s upstream.

The deal with Teekay Shipping marks Boeing's first success in the maritime sector. Boeing started promoting the service to ship operators last year and the Teekay deal will see the broadband Internet service installed on 50 of the company's ships. Teekay operates a fleet of 140 tankers and transports more than 10 percent of the world's seaborne oil, it said in a statement.

The maritime service will support Internet access, e-mail, corporate intranet access and other data services.

Also this week, Austrian Airlines said it will install the in-flight broadband Internet service to three of its Boeing 777 aircraft and three of its Boeing 767s starting early next year. Plus Scandinavian telecommunication company TeliaSonera AB said it has signed a roaming agreement with Connexion by Boeing that will allow its Internet customers to access Connexion's service using their existing accounts.

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