Toshiba's first netbook has gone on sale in Japan, just ahead of its forthcoming launch in Europe.

The NB100 is based on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and has an 8.9-inch display with 1,024 pixel by 600 pixel resolution (WSVGA). The machine measures 22.5cm by 19.1cm by 3.3cm. It weighs just over 1 kilogram and battery life is 2.9 hours, according to Toshiba.

In Japan a single version is available, running Windows XP Home and with a 120GB hard-disk drive, wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

European models will be offered with up to 160GB hard-disk drives on Windows XP models. Versions based on Ubuntu Linux are also planned, although they'll have half the memory of the Windows versions and a maximum hard disk size of 120GB. They also won't support Bluetooth.

Pricing for these overseas models and launch dates are yet to be announced by Toshiba. However, European online electronics stores are already listing variations of the computer at prices between €366(£288) and €403(£318).