Toshiba will offer a 320GB hard-disk drive for laptops by the end of the year. The company claimed that it would be the first 2.5-inch drive with that capacity.

The drive will be one of a series of five that make up Toshiba's new MKxx52SX family of hard-disk drives. The 320GBmodel will contain two platters - the circular disks on which data is recorded. Other drives in the range will offer between 80GB and 250GBs of storage space. They will connect via a 3Gbit/s serial ATA (SATA) interface.

The amount of data that can be stored on a hard-disk drive is constantly expanding as drive makers fine-tune technology, and the needs of laptop users are growing in tandem with the expansion in drive space. While enterprise users might not require such a capacious drive, users of multimedia laptops will almost certainly welcome the extra space to store video.